Cold room panels

A broad selection
of models and finishes

At Fredvic we have all the technical solutions for the food and pharmacy sectors based on our own designs and the best choice-making of the necessary materials. Our wide selection of chamber panels, with different thicknesses (from 2 to 20 cm) and finishes (continuous and with hook), will mitigate possible leaks and maintain hygiene. We also have different types of doors: pivot door, sliding door, etc.


A broad selection
of models and finishes

All our designs are studied for each specific case and take into account the characteristics of each sector. Moreover, the installation of the panels and accessories is carried out by our own staff and with constant monitoring from our technical office in order to offer a fully customized service.

Industrial and commercial refrigeration
Refrigeration services adapted to the customer's needs

Climate control of industrial facilities and other spaces
Spaces designed with comfort in mind

Ventilation of industrial facilities and other spaces
We ensure air quality

Cold room and catering equipment
Efficiency and reliability for the most demanding projects
Panells de cambra
Una àmplia selecció de models i acabats

Solucions acústiquesper a tot tipus d’espais

Sales blanques
Solucions integrals per a sales blanques

Manteniment correctiu
24 hores al dia, 365 dies a l’any

Manteniment preventiu
La millor manera de reduir les incidències
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