Industrial installation and assembly

Industrial installation and assembly


We've been working in the sector for over 40 years and have been committed to quality and professionalism since day one. We have the necessary structure and capacity to meet the technical challenges set before us by our customers.


Latest technology,
optimal energy efficiency

Not only we do we keep up with the latest technological trends in the market but we also work in partnership with the world's leading manufacturers. We apply this know-how to all our projects to achieve the best possible result involving optimal energy efficiency.


Great challenges,
great solutions

At FredVic we analyse, evaluate and propose the best solution to give shape to your project. But it's in large-scale projects where we really exploit all our potential and come up with the best solutions to the industrial challenges set by our customers..


Coordination and execution
of the project

The coordination of these projects is crucial. To ensure the maximum efficiency of our projects, we have our own methodology and work system through which our project managers can plan and guarantee a project schedule that fulfils the established requirements.


Start-up and monitoring
over the first few months

We have a department of experts on the regulation and control of installations. They take care of the start-up of the installation and its monitoring over the first few months. To ensure the long useful life of an installation, its intensive monitoring over the first few months is crucial.

Industrial and commercial refrigeration
Refrigeration services adapted to the customer's needs

Climate control of industrial facilities and other spaces
Spaces designed with comfort in mind

Ventilation of industrial facilities and other spaces
We ensure air quality

Cold room and catering equipment
Efficiency and reliability for the most demanding projects
Cold room panels
A wide selection of models and finishes

Soundproofing solutions for all kinds of spaces

Clean rooms
Comprehensive solutions for clean rooms

Corrective maintenance
24 hours a day, 365 days a year

Preventive maintenance
The best way to reduce incidents
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