Preventive maintenance

Preventive maintenance

The best way to
reduce incidents

Proper maintenance can prevent the occurrence of unforeseen events in the facilities. For this reason, our team, specialized and adapted to the characteristics of each company, is responsible for making preventive reviews and preparing reports on the state of the devices, as well as taking the necessary corrective actions. Always keep to ensure the optimum service and prevent the machines from being stopped.


the useful life of installations

Our incident prevention service is focused on guaranteeing the good performance of the installations during their useful life. Submitting the equipment to continuous reviews allows you to better resist the passage of time and to become depreciated for more years. So it ended up increasing its useful life.


energy efficiency

Reducing the use of energy is one of our priorities. From FredVic, we are committed to calibrating the consumption of the equipment, cleaning them and adjusting them so that they can reach an optimum energy efficiency level. Good preventive maintenance is equivalent to a great energy saving.


Towards environmental

Apart from opting for new technologies, professionalism and energy efficiency, FredVic pursues a corporate social responsibility and aims to contribute to the improvement of society and the environment. Our facilities are designed to minimize CO2 emissions and the impact of industrial activity in nature.


Preventing is
reducing costs

The increase of the useful life, the prevention as a way to avoid incidents and the improvement of the energetic efficiency propose a reduction of the expenses. Not only is it possible to reduce the number of unexpected repairs, but also the energy consumption and the works or changes in the equipment.


We plan plans to ensure
maximum security

The regulations in force establish a series of mandatory revisions and updated inspections. According to the legislation, it is necessary to draw up maintenance plans for the teams and file the interventions carried out, whether preventive or corrective. On the other hand, a good prevention service is necessary to guarantee a zero risk in the operation of the machinery, since it is facilities with electrical, mechanical and refrigerant elements.

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Preventive maintenance
The best way to reduce incidents
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